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Worship, Fellowship and Bible Study

Our time of worship is mainly made up of contemporary songs, but when appropriate, we also enjoy more traditional hymns.  

We have both a Praise Group for live music and we also make use of worship lyric videos. After about 15 minutes our children and youth leave and go to their own time of worship.

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During our Sunday Morning Services, our children and youth have their own age-related worship and Bible teaching times.

We have fully trained teachers and helpers with full Safeguarding certification looking after our vulnerable children at all times.


On the first Sunday of most months, we have a Service that centres around the story of one of our members journey to Christian faith. We call this their "testimony" about what God has done in their life. We also intend to have "Communion" on this Sunday.


 We have Bible study and support groups at members houses in various areas of Oldham throughout the week starting mainly at 7.30pm

Each group will include prayer and the leader provide each of us with background notes and questions relation to our Bible study theme. 


Wednesday at 10.30am -12.00

Bible Brunch starts with a short time of fellowship with hot drinks and light breakfast items being served at 10 -10.30am.

We then will open with prayer and the leader will provide some background info about the Bible passage we will be studying.

After which we break up into smaller groups to share at a level that you might not want to do in a larger group. This will provide a great opportunity to get to know people. 


WEDNESDAYS 1.00 - 3.00pm

Join us for a hot soup and a bread roll.

Good company and games and crafts and a chat in a warm place


Thursday at 10.30 - 12.00

Our morning prayer meeting  meets "in person"in the office at church to pray together.


Our Thursday evening Prayer meeting normally takes place at church at 7.30 - 8.30pm on Zoom

For Zoom details contact Matt Hill 

A leader will provide direction in our prayer time as needed


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